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In this video I am drilling a No Gi Triangle set up and Finish. The Triangle is not my favorite submission and I rarely ever use them as I feel there are many far more direct and simple ways to submit an opponent. However the Triangle is a dangerous submission that must be drilled and studied lest ye fall prey to its trappings.

My friend Brandon Kiser shared this drill on his instagram a few weeks ago I thought it looked like fun so we trained it.

You can take just about any stupid name you could possible think of and put it in front of “Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu” and I can almost guarantee there’s an academy some where with that name. For example and I apologize if this the name of your academy “Lord of The Locusts,” “Lord of the Locusts BJJ” When I was a kid I thought I would name my academy “Death Grip” and the logo would be a Skeleton making a fist and squeezing it so hard he would be exploding his own bones!