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A Cool Pic of the Illustration I did for the Arm Bar Soap Company. You can order a Bar of this AntiFungal Antibacterial soap here; (It comes in the box I illustrated);




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Moltar from Crystar the Crystal Warrior. 1980s Toyline developed by Marvel Comics and licensed to Remco. These toys got buried by He Man as well as several other more popular lines in the 1980s. However my cousin has this toy and I always played with it when ever I went over to his house when I was a kid. 18 x 24 colored pencils on Smooth Bristol it took me about 30 hours to complete due to the large size but it was a lot of fun to make.

I Drew A Triceratops 

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11×17 Graphite and Black Prisma Colored Pencil on Smooth Vellum 

This is the last drawing in the course! I have recreated every illustration in the Famous Artist Cartoon Course. BUT my Master study is still far from being finished. Next up is to complete the final assignment given in the Lesson. Then from there I am going to take the lesson ever further with some additional studies that I will talk about in the future. Stay tuned.

Drawing Pretty Girls Day 51! A master study I’ve been doing from the Famous Artist Cartoon Course Lesson 7

Day 50 of the Master Study I’ve been doing from Famous Artist Cartoon Course Lesson 7 Drawing Pretty Girls.

Day 48 of the master study I’m doing out of the Famous Artist Cartoon Course Lesson 7 Drawing Pretty Girls.