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Just training some catch wrestling fundamentals from the other week


I haven’t posted a training journal video in while due to the demands of my current job  but I’m still training every week. In this clip we do some light sparring working through several unorthodox positions including some knee bars, leg attacks, double wrist locks and head scissors.

Last installment of the 5 mini Catch Wrestling Instructional Videos I made. There is only 1 day left on my Kickstarter! Make sure you don’t miss out on it.

Catch Wrestling Instructional 4 of 5. Also there’s 2 days left if you want to pick up one of my Kickstarter rewards here’s the link;

Finished_Pencils_It's_A_Double_Wrist_LockA finished pencil illustration of a double wrist lock for the Catch Wrestling Comic Book Strength Monsters in “Christmas Tree Delivery!” This project is currently on Kickstarter and needs more support I have lots of cool rewards here is the link;

Source: Double Wrist Lock Finished Pencils!