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In this video I am reading an excerpt from a Gil Kane interview where he comments on the art of his contemporaries, Joe Kubert, Carmine Infantino and Everett Raymond Kinstler. If you’d like to read the entire interview it can be found here;


The great Joe Sinnott with this years 2017 Ink Well Challenge Participants. It was an honor to participate in this years challenge mine is the one circled in red.


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Moltar from Crystar the Crystal Warrior. 1980s Toyline developed by Marvel Comics and licensed to Remco. These toys got buried by He Man as well as several other more popular lines in the 1980s. However my cousin has this toy and I always played with it when ever I went over to his house when I was a kid. 18 x 24 colored pencils on Smooth Bristol it took me about 30 hours to complete due to the large size but it was a lot of fun to make.

strength-monsters-monkey-panel-1The first panel to my forth coming comic book Strength Monsters in Monkey Business. Inks by me Penciled by A.J. Fulcher

Source: First Panel to Strength Monsters in Monkey Business Inked

It was an honor to be able to participate in this years Annual Joe Sinnott Ink Well Challenge. Pictured below is the legend himself Joe Sinnott after signing this years pages. The circled page is mine.6th-Annual-Joe-Sinnot-Ink-Well-Challenge

New Lettering

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new_strength_monsters_letteringNew hand drawn typography by me for my Strength Monsters Comic Book. These are my latest rough sketches

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Kali_SantaGood News! The Funds from our Successful Kickstarter Campaign have finally come in and we are now working full force to finish the next two issues of Strength Monsters! Here is a recently completed panel penciled by Marvel Comics Veteran Mike Witherby and Inked by Sam Kressin.

Source: Good News! Kickstarter Funds Are In!