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You can take just about any stupid name you could possible think of and put it in front of “Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu” and I can almost guarantee there’s an academy some where with that name. For example and I apologize if this the name of your academy “Lord of The Locusts,” “Lord of the Locusts BJJ” When I was a kid I thought I would name my academy “Death Grip” and the logo would be a Skeleton making a fist and squeezing it so hard he would be exploding his own bones!

This is a really well done video featuring my BJJ coach Chris Haueter a lot of the art you see on the computer in it is stuff I did in collaboration with him. Some of it from years ago. Check it out!

“The man on the street will never know how much lies behind your simple girls drawing.” This is a drawing Study I did from the Famous Artist Cartoon Course Lesson 7 “Drawing Pretty Girls.” The purpose of this study is to pose the figure with the correct tilt of the shoulder and hips. If the right shoulder is down the right hip will be up as long as the figure’s weight is center on the right foot.