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Here’s my full review of Star Wars the Last Jedi. If you haven’t seen the movie yet don’t watch this as it is loaded with Spoilers.


Starwars_The_Force_AwakensI recently completed listening to the entire audio book version of Star Wars The Force Awakens. My opinion of the film which I have seen twice didn’t really change much with the listening of this audio book. There are several details in the book that fill in some of the information missing in the film but nothing really changing the fact this first film can’t stand on it’s own as a complete story. For example the book explains why Han Solo had been collecting Rathtars. Basically there’s some wealthy collectors that want them. There’s an entire scene not in the film explaining how Po survived the Tie fighter crash and got off Jakku. There is also some longer dialogues between Kylo Ren and Snoke. One in which Snoke makes the claim he has been around long enough to see the rise and fall of the Empire. There’s a much longer discussion about the thermal oscillator on Starkiller Base which still makes little to any sense at all. As a hardcore nerd I enjoy getting these extra tidbits of information however none of it was enough to really change my opinion of the film or the story. Which if you want to know that you can watch my video about it here.


Darth Plagueis is one of the cooler ideas to come out of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogies. There is a lot of speculation that Snoke from the Force Awakens Could Be Darth Plagueis. Here’s my opinion of the 2012 no longer cannon Darth Plagueis book.

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WARNING: Massive Spoilers do not watch until you have seen the movie.

Starwars_Force_Awakens_FontI have to credit Nate Piekos of Blambot for finding this one. It’s literally impossible for me now to look at the new Star Wars Force Awakens logo and not instantly associate it with He-Man.